Teacher/Student ratio is best @ 1:1

Year 2020 : The Pandemic

It would be an understatement to say that 2020 was a tough year for all trying to survive and maneuver through the COVID-19 pandemic. Our communities have struggled, and none have suffered more than our children. Remote-learning has been a challenge for many, partially due to distraction in class or parents’ inexperience to teach at home. It is no surprise to see so many children falling behind, unable to master or even keep up with the education fundamentals for their age groups because of the lack of structure and one-on-one guidance from teachers. If you or your children have experienced countless hours of frustration with education this year, then you are not alone.

Lighthouse Health Foundation is a non-profit organization that wants to help.  We have organized a team of highly qualified and experienced teachers with Master’s Degrees (in Education, Math, English and Science). Our teachers are able to provide remote one-on-one attention to your children to help catch up and get back on track with their curriculum, or prep them with a jump start to their next grade.  They can help any and all students from first grade and onward. With just a time commitment of two hours per day maximum, your children will have the proper support in their educational endeavors without jeopardizing their summer activities.

Our Services

Full Time Teachers

4 Hours per day of dedicated and individualized learning during the school year

Part Time Teachers

2 Hours per day ofdedicated and individualized learning during the school year

Teacher On Demand

2 Hours per session per subject depending on teachers’ availability


Its an amazing experience for the kids, my wife and I are both working hard to provide food on the table. rest assured we care more about our kids and Lighthouse Health Foundation is a good platform to achieve that.


We are not tied up in any location, we can travel any time without limitation or suffer more expensive options during red seasons. More options to get vacation days, combine many long weekends to camping, playing, etc

Daniel Rome

For us, its all about the balance getting a better education and amazing teachers who are knowledgeable and highly qualified yet very affordable, that’s what we call the Royal Family treatment in a private education

Joani G

Our Children’s Education

Shapes the

Future of our Nation