Hi! I This is Lighthouse Health Foundation

Welcome to our Brighter Future

Lighthouse Health Foundation is a non-profit organization that laser focuses on Kids Health and Education. Established in 2017 in the State of California, and welcomes each and everyone who shares its core values, and believes in its cause and mission.

We believe in providing value to our community, and build a stronger and better future for our kids by our kids. The best gift any parent would give is a bright future to his/er own.

How did we get there?

During the pandemic many families have been suffering with their kids education. Distraction, lesser class time, poor follow up, lack of enthusiasm to teach over all from teachers, and many more, caused us to take education of our own children in our own hands. The only drawback was lack of time as parents to spend with the kids, as we are both working. The light at the end of the tunnel showed up once we hired a teacher to each of our 3 kids, and watched them all grow in their intelligence, and improving their behavior dramatically. They run on their own pace, get more done in less time, have more time to enjoy the rest of the days, have more opportunity to travel anywhere and any time. The experience keeps on getting better and better for all of us.

Lighthouse Health Foundation had accepted the challenge, started delivering on its promise and even exceeding expectation

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